Examples for Developer #5 Week of Coding

Submitted by Abhishek Lal B on Thu, 07/13/2017 - 18:10

I feel really excited to have cleared the mid-Term requirement for my project in Google Summer of Code (GSoC). The results of the mid-Term evaluations were announced July 30. This was the evaluation for the first phase of GSoC. In this evaluation process, set up by GSoC organisers, students and mentors have to share their feedback about the current progress of the project. Mentors need to give a pass/ fail grade. Students can continue coding once they clear the evaluations successfully.

I have been working on Porting Examples for developer to Drupal 8. Please go through my previous posts if you would like to have a look into the past activities in this port process.

Last week I working over the menu example port as well as contextual link example. and the I wasn't able to achieve much during this week since I was down with the fever. Well, I am happy to say that menu example will be release soon we are getting closer to the perfect code.  Fell free to check my code under the git and this issue queue for the menu example. Patches put forward by my mentor Navneet Singh helped me to build the code even better and more oranganised, I've also learned few topics like defining an inline template. The main problem I was facing while defining the inline template is that I was having a hard time in returning the description in controller response and later my mentor resolved it by using function which returns description inside controller callback. I was also trying to build the appropriate forms for my Contextual links API, please take a peek at the code.

Well In this phase I will be porting two modules which will be:-

AJAX API, It's the process of updating dynamically on the parts of a page’s HTML based on data from the server. Ajax uses various other elements like:

  • Method: It is the jQuery method for placing the new content which is used with wrapper

  • Effect: This is also a jQuery effect to use when placing the new HTML which also used with wrapper

  • Speed: This used with wrapper and effect, which determine how effect should run.

  • Prevent: Its a JavaScript event to prevent when the event is triggered. Like preventing click event while we use a mousedown event on a button

  • Progress: An array indicating how to show Ajax processing progress. Etc.

In the next week I will work over the fixing of some error happening in the controller of my contextual, actually, the code is defined properly but I am getting a "page not found" error so I'll be fixing that alone with that I will be concentrating on creating appropriate templates for the Contextual example. Well, with an awesome mentor and active issue queue my second phase gonna be a fun one. Stay tuned for more updates.